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Grayson Taylor
Grayson Taylor

Sims 4 70s Cc

Vintage 70s fashion is on trend again, and now you can bring it with you in your sims 4! This pack includes 4 dresses, 2 tops, and 2 skirts. Each of them is available in 25 colors with 5 floral swatches. We especially love the daffodil dress, it will make your sims look adorable!

sims 4 70s cc

You can find these sims on the gallery under Origin ID: eregister or you can download the tray files here (mediafire, no ads.) You will still need to download all the CC for your sims to look like mine.

// thank you cc creators: @catplnt, @crazycupcakefr, @grimcookies, @ihaehae, @kijiko-sims, @murphy-sims4, @pinealexple, @blogsimplesimmer, @smubuh, @veranka-s4cc, @belaloallure3, @pictureamoebae, @anessasims, @madlensims, @bustedpixels, @cherrypiesims, @aharris00britney, @coloresurbanos, @daisyxsims, @zurkdesign, @chisami, @glitchsyndrome, @ilkup, @inabadromance, @jennisims, @kotcatmeow, @luumia, @mauvemorn, @mmsims, @annamsblue, @nolan-sims, @plumbobjuice, @philosimy, @pixelore, @plumbobsnfries, @pralinesims, @pyxiidis, @ratboysims, @renorasims, @retro-pixels, @ridgeport, @saurussims, @serenity-cc, @simstrouble, @simlaughlove, @streneesims, @tajsiwel, @toxicsimlish, @vanilasimscc and those not on tumblr //

This sims 4 clothing cc pack is divided into three stereotypical teen types: the athlete, the it girl, and the punk kid. Each type comes with a top, bottom, shoes, and hair. A total must-have for your teen sims!

@daylifesims @simstrouble @sheabuttyr @simpliciaty-cc - @nucrests @aharris00britney @arethabee @destinationboogie @simpliciaty-cc @b0t0xbrat @love4sims4 @nsves @billsims-cc @helgatisha @jius-sims @madlensims @trillykey @dallasgirl- @ironicpxls @magbay @nintensims 076b4e4f54


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