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Fondue White Chocolate Recipe

I love the idea for the mother daughter fondue party. We are going to do it with our young women in two weeks. We are so excited. Thanks for sharing! Question: How do you keep the chocolate warm in a crock pot. I am worried it will get too warm. Is low cool enough?

fondue white chocolate recipe

Yes! This is a great make-ahead recipe for the holidays. Store fondue in a glass airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 1 week. Reheat fondue in a saucepan over medium-low heat just until it comes to a sputtering simmer.

If you are wondering what exactly is chocolate fondue, just close your eyes and picture a big chocolate fountain you see at weddings and other parties. Now picture dipping your favorite fruits, cakes, or other edibles into it.

One restaurant definitely knows how to make a chocolate fondue recipe and that is the Melting Pot restaurant. This fondue is made from milk chocolate, a bit of heavy cream, and there is a little bit of crunchy peanut butter in this fondue as well. Scroll down to see the video of my Melting Pot Chocolate Fondue Recipe!

1. Put the milk and heavy cream in the fondue pot. Set to Setting 4.5 to bring the mixture to a simmer, but not boiling. Reduce the heat to Setting 3.5 and gradually, using a nonstick whisk, add the chocolate. When the chocolate is completely blended, stir in the salt.

this weekend we had a fondue party! i've somehow ended up with a surplus of fondue pots and since we're leaving for the alps in less than two weeks (!!!), we figured that a fondue party would be an appropriate way to get excited. this matcha white chocolate fondue is creamy and white chocolatey with a nice green tea vibe and i'm posting it before our cheese fondue because dessert first always.

sift matcha into a saucepan and add 1 tablespoon of the cream. whisk together until no lumps remain. whisk in the remaining cream. add the white chocolate and heat over medium low heat, stirring, until the chocolate melts. pour into your fondue pot and enjoy!

A wide variety of chocolate will work great for this fondue recipe. At the bare minimum use high-quality chocolate chips. Guittard chocolate chips are my favorite. If you can spend a little more on the chocolate move up the quality scale a little to the chocolate bar found in the candy aisle at the grocery store. You can also buy coverture chocolate from Amazon or a local bakery supply store.

Who says you have to choose between white and dark chocolate? You can have the best of both worlds with this delicious, silky chocolate fondue recipe! Talk about a little something for everyone. This recipe is just that! Use your favorite high quality chocolate and let the sky be the limit when it comes to planning things to dip in your fondue. I love the Fancy Butter cookies recipe for dipping!

The only way to answer all these questions was to start experimenting. For my first experiment, I added 1 bar (3.5 oz = 100 g) chopped white chocolate to the saucepan and poured in 1/2 cup (120 ml) champagne.

You can also replace the champagne with freshly squeezed lime juice. Start with 1-2 tablespoons lime juice and add another one if you prefer a stronger lime flavor. If the fondue is too thick, add some water, a spoonful at a time, until you reach the desired consistency. White chocolate and lime is a fabulous combo, but naturally, you can also use lemon juice or even orange juice. (However, orange juice contains more carbs than lemon juice, which has the least amount of carbs of these three citrus juices.)

Another thing I will often do is melt candy bars for the fondue. My favorite candy bars to use are Toberlone and Symphony bars. You can use candy bars with nuts or toffee bits too for some extra flavor and crunch. Just replace the chopped chocolate with chopped candy bar.See what fun combinations you can come up with.

Marshmallow Fondue: Add a couple of spoonfuls of marshmallow fluff into the chocolate fondue and just swirl it around. For a prettier presentation do not stir to fully incorporate. Leaven streaks of marshmallow.

So I ended up just experimenting until I found the perfect ratio for the desired thickness. This post includes our final recipe for a chocolate fountain, along with our hard-won tips for how to set up a chocolate fountain.

It sounds then like you weren't getting the chocolate hot enough in the microwave, but I had the same experience the first time I used my fountain, that it required about twice as much cream as all the oil recipes I found out there. That's because cream has 1/3 the fat of pure oil. The dark chocolate needs more oil or cream than the milk chocolate, though, because milk chocolate has a lot of added cocoa butter already, to make it smoother.

If you do use it again and go for the cream recipe, one other way to get it going in the microwave is to heat ONLY the cream until very hot, and then add the chocolate chips and let them sit for a few minutes before mixing them and then microwaving everything together as outline in the recipe. That could help heat it as well as your crockpot, though I'm glad you found a quick way to heat in the end!

White chocolate for chocolate fountains is a delicious choice that is sure to please any palette. Enhance the appeal with an array of dipping treats which complement the rich, buttery flavor of the white chocolate.

Dipping treats derived from your favorite desserts are always a hit with chocolate fountains. Sweet confections which pair particularly well with white chocolate for chocolate fountains include both traditional and chocolate marshmallows, chocolate macaroons and silky dark chocolate truffles.

Made last night after finding a vintage fondue pot at a thrift store. However, it took the whole 12 oz bag of Ghirardelli chocolate chips to get a perfect consistency. I started with the recommended 10 oz and was way too thin. So delicious!

Attempted a couple of recipes which failed during our fondue night I did for our family. A quick google search gave me this recipe and I had all the ingredients. It worked perfectly and was so delicious! Saved the night! will definitely make again!

Hey Mel! A few weeks ago, I made vanilla custard and added a few strawberries into it; my kids loved them. But, they were expecting me to cook something new. So, I tried this chocolate fondue then and paired it with pretzels and marshmallows. It was yummilicious. Even my children appreciated my cooking that day. Thanks for sharing!

My guests were excited when I put their own platter with chocolate dipping fondue in front of them after the dinner I had just made. I doubled it as to fill each ramekin. It was so perfect and company could take some home. I had containers just for that reason. This is a wonderful recipe that wows your company. I used the giant marshmallows, plenty of fresh strawberries and bananas, a couple cookies, brownie bites and angel food bites. All was perfect, thank you for this favorite recipe in our home now.

One of our favorite thing in chocolate fondue is chocolate chip cookie dough (no eggs!) We use your recipe for cookie dough truffles and freeze them for a couple of hours before dipping. -dough-truffles/

I tried this recipe in a chocolate fountain last night using 1% milk and it worked beautifully! I had to triple the recipe to make sure there was enough to go through the fountain. I love this recipe! It was super easy to make and so delicious! It was much better than adding oil to the recipe!

This is perfect! Just yesterday I was searching your website for a chocolate fondue recipe. You read my mind! I found a random one I was going to use, but I always trust your recipes more than anyone elses! Thanks for posting it just in time for some Valentines fun!

Chop the white chocolate finely. In the top of a double boiler set over simmering water, combine the chocolate, cream, and corn syrup. Stir until the chocolate is melted and the mixture is smooth. Stir in the amaretto, vanilla, and chopped almonds. Transfer to a fondue pot and keep warm over low heat.

My method for fondue is a heat and stir situation. Add your chocolate chips or chunks to cute heart-shaped dishes (or whatever), and then pour super hot half and half on top. Let it rest for 1 minute, and then stir stir stir.

I made us a white chocolate fondue for two also, because I envisioned this as a black and white fondue for two. The fun thing about white chocolate fondue is that because white chocolate lacks the cocoa solids like regular chocolate, it stays soft and dip-able at room temperature for a long time. Like, hours!

The chocolate fondue will set up and need to be reheated in the microwave after about 20 minutes. Then, you can play a game with your Valentine: how much fondue can you eat in 20 minutes before it sets? So romantic, right?

Chocolate fondue is a dish where pieces of food are dipped into warm chocolate. The chocolate is kept warm using a fondue pot, which features a small tealight candle at the base to keep the chocolate melted.

Chocolate fondue was invented in the 1960s by a restaurant owner named Konrad Egli. He was already serving Swiss cheese fondue and wanted to add a dessert fondue to the menu. His recipe consisted of chocolate, heavy cream, and cherry brandy! Yum.

Yep, I swear by it! Chocolate candy bars make for the most delicious fondue that melts like a smooth, creamy, shiny dream. Use your favorite chocolate bar here, like Godiva, Ghirardelli, Hershey, Guittard, or some high-quality bougie chocolate.

Chocolate fondue comes together in minutes, so you want to ensure you are ready (or close to being ready) to serve it before making it. No worries if you do not have a fondue pot or chocolate fountain!

For family fondue night, you can keep the pot of ch


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